Wig Repair Service and Wig Re-Styling

Occasionally a wig can become a bit worn or damaged if not properly cared for, or just from regular, frequent use. If you have a wig that needs to be refurbished you can send it to us and our licensed technicians will re-condition and re-style it. We’ll gladly give you an estimate and repair it for you in no time at all.

Problems can include:

  • Hair at the bottom of the neck gets frizzy
  • Knots open-up and area becomes sparse
  • Material rips, stretches or gets frayed

Call to speak to a Customer Service Representative or simply send us your wig. Print and complete the form below and include it with the wig when you ship it to us. We will assess the wig and contact you with an estimate.


Email: info@wigsonline.com

Phone: 516-364-2360 or 800-772-1523

Mailing Address:


325 Jackson Ave

Syosset, New York 11791